Our most commonly asked questions are listed below.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

What species are offered?

In general the following species will be offered:
Catalina Goats
Corsican Rams
Black Hawaiian Ram
Texas Dahl Ram
Churro Ram
Rambouillet Ram
Mouflon Hybrid Ram
Painted Desert rams
Razor back, Russian Hybrid, feral and meat hogs
American Bison
Water Buffalo

How much does it cost to hunt at your ranch?

We charge a $100 reservation fee to reserve your hunt date.  The $100 reservation fee will go towards a harvested animal at the conclusion of a successful hunt.  We charge per animal.  Most hunts start at $500, depending on what species you harvest and how big the animal is. Any hog over 300 pounds is $625.  In addition to that, there will be a $50 fee for gutting/skinning and a $25 quartering fee.  These are both optional charges.  Bison processing fees are $300 for gutting/skinning and $100 for quartering. If you choose to do your own gutting/skinning/quartering there will be a $100 handling fee. If you choose to stay overnight in the Lodge, we charge $75 an adult per night.  Children 16 years and younger stay free.  You can tent camp at the ranch if you prefer for $50/night per party.  The only other cost you have is the gratuity you leave for the guide that will be helping you for the day. He will help haul your animal out, give you a ride around the ranch, and be available to help you on your hunt day.  Suggested gratuity is $100/day per hunter.  Please keep this in mind before you leave the ranch – our guides work hard to make sure you have a good time.

What animals are going to be available on my hunt date?

Our ranch has many animals to choose from. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee any specific species of animal on any future hunt date – it is impossible to do since we do not know what people are going to shoot each and every day. When you have a reservation to hunt our ranch, we hold a hunting spot for you, not a specific animal.  On your hunt date, you are free to shoot whatever animal(s) you’d like to. You can shoot more than one animal if you’d like. You just pay for whatever animal(s) you harvest at the end of the day – simple as that! It is not unusual for a single person to shoot multiple animals on a one-day hunt with us. For that reason we DO NOT guarantee we will have specific animals on your hunt date. Your deposit is non-refundable if your desired animal is not in stock. In that case, you can reschedule your hunt date but will be charged an additional $100 deposit.  In the case of bison hunts, we will provide a buffalo for a specific date if a down payment was made and scheduled far enough in advance.

How long is my hunt?

All of our hunts begin in the morning. We ask that you arrive at 6:30am when the gate opens, and we’ll get you started just as soon as you’re ready.  If you need a bit of time to sight your rifle in, you may do so before your hunt at our range, located on our property. We do not allow people to come out and strictly target practice – the only use of our range is for hunters to sight in their rifles.  Hours of operation for sighting-in range are first light each morning to sundown.   As soon as you’re ready to go, the guide will sign you in and get you started on your adventure!

Are the hunts guided?

All hunts are semi-guided. The first couple hours of the day we let you go out and hike the property and allow you to do your own spot and stalk adventure.  After we’ve let you do that for a couple hours, and if we see that you need a little help, we step in and begin to guide you a little at a time to be sure you have plenty of opportunities. If it seems that you are doing fine, we let you keep going so you get a little challenge. We do this to allow you to get a little experience out of your day, but we are there to help you as much as you need. Once you have an animal down, we will come with either one of our ranch trucks or ATVs and help retrieve your animal. Most hunters are done with their hunt by about 2-3:00pm in the afternoon.

Is my reservation refundable?

As long as we are given a MINIMUM of one month notice, your deposit money is completely refundable. If you do not give at least 1 month notice, you will lose your entire deposit and it will not be rolled over to a new hunt date.  As soon as we have a hunting spot held for you on our ranch, we begin turning others away for that spot. If you cancel with short notice, it is unlikely that we can fill the spot on such short notice. Please consider this when choosing your hunt date – make sure it works for all hunters in your group.  Group reservations must be given on one credit card for the entire group. Payoff on the date of the hunt can be done by each individual hunter, either on individual credit cards, PayPal or by cash.

Can I come hunt the ranch if I’ve never hunted before?

Absolutely! Blue Rooster Ranch is the perfect place to start for a first time hunting experience. Whether you’ve harvested many animals before or perhaps this is your first time out, we are the place to come out for the day, make incredible memories and bring home some meat for the table. Our ranch is especially convenient because you don’t need to have license or tag to harvest an animal – we are one of the only places in Arizona where you can do this.  No tags, no seasons, no limits at the Blue Rooster!

What equipment should I bring?

  • Ice Chest and ice to put the meat in. If you are taking the whole animal to butcher, bring a tarp to place it on.
  • If skinning and quartering your own animals, make sure to bring knives and a bone saw.
  • Good boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses and hats
  • Blaze orange apparel is recommended but optional
  • Binoculars
  • Rangefinder
  • Shooting sticks (optional)
  • Camera and/or video to capture memories
  • Firearms and ammunition.
  • Cooler with plenty of drinks, snacks and food for your stay.

**Restaurants and grocery stores are located in Holbrook AZ located about 10 minutes from the Lodge and in Snowflake, AZ about 25 minutes from the Lodge.

What days can I hunt?

The ranch is available for clients to hunt Monday through Sunday. You must have a reservation to hunt on our property – you can get a reservation by calling the booking secretary at 928-241-3221.  It is not unusual for us to have our weekends booked out for several months in advance, though that is not always the case. You can always call to see if there is a last-minute spot available. If it’s a small group or single hunter, we can often fit you in the schedule within a couple days.

Do I need reservations to hunt the ranch?

Yes, absolutely. Usually we are booked out at least 1 month in advance, but occasionally we can take last-minute hunters. We do take a $100/person deposit to hold spots. We are very busy, and if we hold a spot for you to hunt, we need you to show up for your reservation as agreed. If you do not give a minimum of 1 month notice to change or cancel your reservation, you will lose your deposit money – no exceptions.  If you do not pay the $100 reservation fee, your spot will not be held and it will be given to another hunting party.

How do I make a reservation?

After reading this FAQ’s page, you may make your reservations by calling the ranch secretary at 928-241-3221 or by using our scheduling tool on the home page of this website. You may also email us at blueroosterranchaz@gmail.com. We are incredibly busy and get several hundred inquiries per week. Calls and emails are returned within 48 hours, be sure to leave your name, number and reason for contact.

Please allow 48 hours for a return call as we often get 50 calls per day. There is no need to call the booking number repeatedly throughout the day to see if you get an answer, calls are returned as they are received.

What licenses/tags do I need to hunt the Ranch?

Nothing is needed to hunt our ranch. No tags or no hunting license are required. We recommend a hunter safety course but it is not required.

What weapon/ammunition can I use to harvest the animals on your ranch?

We allow both bow hunters and gun hunters to harvest animals Blue Rooster Ranch. Bow hunters may hunt with a compound, crossbow, longbow or recurve. Gun hunters may harvest animals with a handgun, hunting rifle, shotgun (using slugs only), AR (no full metal jackets – only hunting/expanding ammunition allowed).

Do you give a discount if I shoot more than one animal?

No, our prices are already incredibly low and competitive.

Where is the ranch located?

The Ranch is located in Northeastern Arizona in a high desert area just below the White Mountains. Our address is 6210 Old Woodruff Rd Woodruff, AZ 85942. We can be found through GPS maps. See also “How do I find your ranch?” question below for driving directions.

Can I rent a gun/bow from the ranch?

No, we cannot rent weapons.

Can my animal be processed at the ranch?

We offer skinning, gutting and quartering at a cost of $75 for easy transportation of your animal to your choice of butcher or home.  You will be able to take your animal; all cut up in pieces and package it at home. The ranch does not package the meat. Be sure you bring an ice chest with ice to safely transport your meat home. You can vacuum seal it and freeze it at home and save yourself a trip to the butcher shop if you prefer.  We can also transport your meat to a local processor instead for an additional charge.

What size is the hunting ranch?

The ranch is large – just less than 600 acres of rugged terrain, including a 1.5 mile long canyon with the Little Colorado River running through it.

Can I have the ranch to myself for a private hunt?

Yes, if you have 5 or more hunters in your party, and shoot 5 or more animals, we will shut our ranch down to the public and it can be your own personal hunting grounds for the day.

Group hunt date deposits are taken for all 5 hunters on ONE credit card for the group. You are welcome to pay off your animals individually on the hunt date by cash or each person’s credit card. Please keep in mind DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE if you do not give a minimum of 1 months’ notice.

Can we overnight camp at the ranch?

Yes, we welcome overnighters. You can choose to tent camp, or stay in our hunting lodge.  Tent camping charge is $50 per party. The Lodge can sleep up to 10 people comfortably.  We charge $75/adult per night, kids 16 years and younger stay free.  Please arrive after 5pm, the day before your hunt to access overnight use of lodge.  You may also want to bring firewood, and lanterns/flashlights.

Can we have a campfire if we overnight?

Certain times of the year, when we’ve had rainfall, you may. During the winter months, we typically allow campfires – during red flag days we cannot allow campfires, so please ask your guide when you arrive. You can also ask the ranch secretary when you book to see if it’s allowed.  Remember to bring firewood when you come for your overnight stay.

Is there a barbecue?

Yes, there is propane BBQ grill (we supply the propane).

Is there a target range?

Yes, there is a sighting-in/practice shooting range available for our customers to use on their hunt date or during their overnight stay only.  We do not allow the public to come and use the sighting-in range. It is strictly for our clients to use while they are on our property with reservations to hunt with us.  Hours of operations for range are first light to sundown.

What type of payment do you accept?

Cash is preferred; however we also accept PayPal and credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

Can we bring off-road vehicles (ATVs, Quads, Rhinos)?

ATVs are not allowed, thanks for your understanding. We have a 4x4 Polaris Ranger, a 4-wheeler, and truck to help haul your animal(s) up to the top of the ranch to be skinned. If you need assistance getting around the ranch because of a mobility issue or disability, we’d be glad to help get you around the property – there is no extra charge for this.

Are there any firearms that are NOT allowed?

We do not allow fully-automatic weapons or 22 long-rifles for hunting game animals in the ranch. We will have a guide oversee you if you would like to hunt with your child with a 22 long-rifle. Stinger bullets are required for this type of hunt. This is the only exception to this rule.

Can I bow hunt on the ranch?

Yes, we welcome many bow hunters every week. Crossbows, recurves, longbows, and compound bows are all acceptable to harvest any of the animals on our ranch.

If I shoot an animal and I don’t want the meat, may I leave it behind?

Yes, we do meat donations on a regular basis to local needy families and they appreciate any and all meat given. Animals must be paid for in full (including butchering cost of $50 and handling fee of $50) and we will make sure it gets into the hands of someone who will use the meat.

How do I find your ranch?

The Ranch address is 6210 Old Woodruff Rd Woodruff, AZ 85942.

We are located about 25 miles North of Snowflake, AZ and 10 miles South of Holbrook, AZ.

Driving directions: From HWY AZ-77, turn East onto Woodruff Rd.
At the end of Woodruff Rd there is a stop sign and a LDS Chapel,
At the stop sign, turn right onto Country Rd (Portions unpaved).
Country Rd becomes Old Woodruff Rd (Portions unpaved).
Follow Old Woodruff Rd 1.31 miles to Blue Rooster Ranch entrance gates on right.

Can I bring my dog with me?

We do not allow clients to bring dogs (or any other kind of pets) with them to our ranch. (Exceptions for service animals, that accompany wounded veterans)

Can I come out and just use the shooting range and not hunt an animal?

No, we do not operate a shooting range that is open to the public. There is a sighting-in range on our property for our hunting clients to use while they are there on the day of their hunt.  Hours of operation for range are first light to sundown.

What is the youngest age hunter that is allowed to hunt your ranch?

We take children as young as 5 years old on hunts.

If I hit something unintentionally, am I responsible for it?

Yes, absolutely. If you shoot an animal and hit anything else (whether intentional or not) you are responsible for paying for the second or third animal that you hit. We are aware that sometimes accidents happen, but if you wound an animal, it does need to be harvested so it does not further suffer.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes we do – a gift certificate is the perfect way to surprise someone with a hunt!  By giving a gift certificate, the person can call and make a reservation on a date that works with his/her schedule.

It can be in any amount, though the most popular amount is $525 which would pay for some of the animals on the ranch. The recipient would only pay out of pocket for meat processing and gratuity on their hunt date. We can take payment over the phone on a credit card or you can mail us a check and we’ll get it mailed out ASAP.

Can I hunt rabbit/quail/deer/etc. on your land?

No, we do not offer hunts of any other kind besides the species you see offered on our “Hunts available” page. In the proper season, with a proper AZ license you can hunt varmints/predators (i.e. coyotes, foxes, bobcats). From October to March we do give our hunters who have booked and paid for a hunt offered on our “hunts available” page  the chance to go on an additional guided Coyote hunt. Cost will be $300.

Can I bring a non-hunting friend with me on my hunt who just wants to watch/help?

We allow hunters to bring one non-weapon-carrying walk along free of charge on their hunt date.  Please call the secretary if you have any more questions about this policy.

Do you offer taxidermy services?

We can facilitate taxidermy services.  We will deliver your animal to a local taxidermist.   If you choose to go to an outside taxidermist of your choice, we ARE NOT responsible for your animal(s) or quality of work.

Can you tell me more about the overnight accommodations?

Our lodge is 2,432 square feet with 3 bedrooms, a den and 2 full bathrooms.  The lodge comfortably sleeps 10 people at a time.  The 2 hallway bedrooms have double/single bunk beds (each room sleeps 3), our den has a pull out queen size sofa bed, and the master bedroom has a queen size bed.

Our kitchen is stocked with cooking and eating dishes and utensils, a fridge, dishwasher, microwave, and stove.  Please bring your own food, snacks, and beverages (restaurants and grocery/gas stores are located 10 miles north in Holbrook or 25 miles south in Snowflake).  You are welcome to cook in the kitchen; we just ask you clean up after (dishes, counters, floors, etc.).  A propane BBQ grill is also available in the back yard area of lodge.

We also offer cable TV in the gathering room and master bedroom. And sharpen up your pool game before you come!  Our cow hide pool table is a real hit.  Our back yard area has a fire pit, horse shoes, corn hole game equipment, and chairs.  The inside lodge temperature is comfortably controlled year round with forced air heat, gas fireplace and air conditioning.  Unfortunately, we do not offer internet/Wi-Fi at this time.  Most will find that their cell phone service works great at the lodge but is spotty on the road into the Ranch and down in the canyon.  Hunters and guides can communicate by walkie-talkies during their hunts.

A 2,000 square foot Quonset hut and skinning station is located near the lodge.  The metal Quonset hut provides ranch storage, an office and houses the solar system batteries and well equipment.  The lodge and hut are powered solely by a solar power system and a private well provides water to the lodge and hunting grounds.